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$1 Samoan Tala (SAT) = about .45US$ (as at 28 October 2014)

1.    Savaii Tours - $70 SAT per Person per day
Our Savaii tours will take you on a journey through Savaii villages and historical monuments; swim with the turtles’ site, Afu Aau Waterfalls, the famous lava fields and blowholes, and through the unique Savaii landscape. Discounts apply to groups of 3 or more people.

2.    Swimming & SnorkelingFREE for all our accommodated Guests
Snorkeling gear is free and available upon request.

3.    Cultural Activities - $100 SAT package deal
Our guests can make one easy payment of $100 SAT to participate in all our cultural activities. However, our guests may pick and choose those few cultural activities they wish to participate. Discounts apply to groups of 3 or more people.
Individual cultural activity prices are as follows:

Welcoming Kava Ceremony$20 SAT
Cultural Entertainmant$20 SAT
Umu & Coconut Time$20 SAT
Freshly made Pina Colada / Banana Colada (Virgin)$20 SAT
Traditional Weaving (fine mates) - OFFSITE$20 SAT
Weaving (hats, table mats, etc.) - ONSITE$20 SAT
Traditional Samoan dance lessons$20 SAT
Samaon Church Services$20 SAT
Additional Cultural Activities (paid separately at all times)
Traidtional Samoan Massage$20 SAT
Night Fishing$20 SAT

4.    CanoeingFREE for all our accommodated Guests
Our private canoe is available for unlimited use by all our accommodated guests.

5.    Kite SurfingFREE for all our accommodated Guests
Our guests are free to bring their own kite surfing equipment with unlimited kite surfing use of our beach and lagoon area.

We accept: